teacher tattle 2

     Once upon a time, there was a beautiful teacher, and she taught beautiful children in a beautiful school where everyone loved to learn more than anything.

     Okay, now that we’ve got that fairytale out of the way, let’s hear some of the real stories…sad ones, funny ones, unbelievable, daunting or inspiring ones. The ones that make you want to drown your sorrows and the ones that make you want to toast to your success!  Please send them to me so that we can all drink together (metaphorically ;-))  

     The idea for this blog started as part of the New Teacher Mentoring Program, as a place for real stories that will help new teachers feel better about their own classroom experience.  But, really, what teacher doesn’t need that camaraderie?  Sharing our stories doesn’t just make others feel better–it makes us feel better, too.

     You can send your stories with any names you want.  You will be anonymous.  The story’s names will be changed to protect the innocent (and the not-so-innocent); they will all be about Mrs. Smith or Mr. Jones, and the only schools we’ll ever write about are Peaceful Valley Elementary through High School.  

      We’ll have a drawing every month for a copy of either Time to Teach–Differentiated Instruction, or Time to Teach–Encouragement, Empowerment and Excellence in Every Classroom.  Each submission counts as one entry for the drawing.  Send your stories to ShayEdmondsonNOLA@gmail.com.  I will let you know before posting your story!