• Research shows that 46% of new teachers leave the profession within 5 years.

  • Of all teachers classified as “leavers,” 44% listed student behavior problems as their reason for leaving. (NCES, 2005)
  • Six hundred principals interviewed, reported 85% of new teachers claim high stress on the job due to classroom management challenges and instructional skills.
    (Recruiting New Teachers, Inc., Education Week ,2004)
  • Retention is a key component in the current conventional wisdom of keeping and developing quality teachers. Many states are trying to address that issue by establishing induction and mentor programs to help novice teachers not feel so alone. (Cookson, 2007)
  • And research also shows the rate of teacher turnover has captured the attention of policymakers because of the direct and indirect costs of turnover. When teachers leave, they must be replaced, which may require recruiting and providing professional support for new teachers. These new teachers may be less experienced than those they replace, and those novice teachers need several years more to hone their craft. (Research Alliance for New York City Schools)
  • Scholars have estimated these costs of replacing a teacher to be approximately $15,000 per teacher.(Milanowski, Anthony T., and Allan R. Odden. 2007. A New Approach to the Cost of Teacher Turnover. In School Finance Redesign Project: University of Washington)

Evaluations from Time To Teach training participants made Shay realize that there was a common theme in the new teachers’ comments.

 The most recent graduates in the nation were overwhelmed to realize how much they hadn’t been taught!

Here’s what they were saying:

“As a beginning teacher, I hope to make good use of this information. It was an eye-opening experience.” Lincoln High School, Des Moines, Iowa

“Simple, common sense approach. I am looking forward to starting school next week. I couldn’t have said last year – my 2nd year of teaching.” Palestine ISD Middle School

“As a first year teacher, I now feel more confident about walking into my classroom on the first day and knowing the proper procedures for teaching behavior. Palestine ISD Elementary

“As a new teacher, you’ve given me so much confidence for this year.” San Augustine ISD

“Great workshop! A lot of information and help for a second year teacher.” San Augustine ISD Intermediate

“So much information I never heard in my university schooling. Classroom management is my weakness and I plan on changing that from this day forward. Thanks from a 3rd year teacher for changing my life and love for education.” Middle School, Tyler ISD

“I felt like I was given new insight to behavior issues that I had never been taught before. This is one excited 2nd year teacher!” High School, West Sabine ISD

“Time To Teach is a great program. As a third year teacher, you’ve given me not only the tools to implement but the confidence to enter my classroom and make a difference in kids’ lives.” Charles West High School, St. Peters, Missouri

“I am returning to teaching after several year away and I really welcome your ideas and materials. They are very positive and applicable – thank you!” Greenwood ISD

DOLLARS AND SENSE……………………………………………………..

Based on the research data listed above, if you hire 100 new-to-the-classroom teachers, 46 of them will leave the profession by the end of the 5th year. The data also shows that 44% of the 46 (20 teachers) leave the profession because of discipline issues and lack of classroom management skills. If we use the $15,000 that research says we have invested in these teachers, that is a total of $300,000 your district will have to re-invest in the hiring of new teachers. If our training is only effective in saving one teacher, that is $15,000. What if it saves 10 teachers? That is a savings of $150,000 for your district. The cost of training 100 new teachers at one time is less than $120 per teacher. You do the math!

Shay has the best solution to give beginning teachers the practical tools to succeed and become life-long educators:
                  Time To Teach Classroom Management Training
                                                       and Time To Teach Differentiated Instruction Training,
and the cost of this proven training pales in comparison to the cost of losing a teacher 3 – 5 years into their career.



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