Shay Edmondson

Shay Edmondson

National Trainer

People usually laugh when Shay Edmondson says
that she’s taught every grade level from
preschool, elementary and middle-school SPED to high-school English
and even adults,
… and there wasn’t any difference.

But it’s actually true—Shay’s approach to teaching has always been to engage with the student as a person, not as a 3 year-old or a parochial-school teenager.  Her classroom management has always been about human interaction and common respect.

Her Special Ed training taught her to look for the strengths of the student, and use it to build up the deficits.  When she was studying Special Education at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, she asked her professors over and over again why all teachers weren’t taught these methods.  “It’s expensive and unnecessary,” she was told. 
Life in the classroom was just fine the way it was … status quo.

Yet, as more and more students in the regular classrooms are being diagnosed with special needs and teachers are feeling the strain of trying to accommodate them, many districts and educational professionals have come to realize that ALL students have special needs. And many educators are simply not prepared for it.  That’s a large reason that the national statistics show that over 40% of new teachers leave the field within a year, and it’s hard to say who is more frustrated—the teachers, the principals, or the students who are losing out.

Time to Teach is just what every teacher needs more of—isn’t that why they became a teacher in the first place?  Sharing proven concepts that enable teachers to love teaching again is a passion for Shay.  When she was offered the job at the Center for Teacher Effectiveness, she was ecstatic to find that the focus was on Differentiated Instruction and Classroom Management. She knew she’d found much more than a job—she’d found a home….Storytelling 1 sized

  • Former Educator
  • National Trainer, Classroom Management
  • National Trainer, Differentiated Instruction
  • B.A. Elementary/SPED The University of Southwestern Louisiana
  • M.Ed. English /
  • Curriculum & Instruction The University of Southwestern Louisiana
  • Playwright / Author
  • Actor / Presenter / Speaker